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Being a reader, and a bit of an online social junkie (oops, did I just admit that out loud??), I have found it necessary to join almost every book website out there. I’m on PaperbackSwap, where I try to obtain our homeschooling books for just the price of mailing out my own books in trade. […]

Friday Fun!

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I’ve thought of several different “F” themes for Fridays, but couldn’t decide on just one! Food? Family? Frugal? Faith? Then a commenter invited me to a Summer Fun link-up, and I decided. 😉 Fun might include all of those, right? Right. I think so. Or something like that. Today hasn’t been just a ton of […]

Twin Tuesday – Teeth

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This morning we took the twins for their first dentist visit! I meant to take the camera and take pictures, but completely forgot. Bad scrapbooking mama! Caleb is not generally a huge fan of anyone who isn’t mom in the first place, and was certainly no fan of crazy lady with face mask and weird […]