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Our church has a growing children’s outreach and I was happy to contribute to that by reviewing the Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tracts evangelism tool by Let the Little Children Come. These cute candy boxes ask the pertinent question on the outside, and on the inside they reveal the story and steps to help someone – specifically, kids – come into a personal relationship with Christ.

Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
Our church is very small, just a couple of dozen active members, and on Sundays we only have an evening service with no mornings. Once a month, that service is a meal and we minister mostly to one another, but this year we have been having that service at the city park so that we may extend that ministry into the community. It’s a small town of about 1200 people, and as you might imagine, most of the people at the park when our services take place are families and kids – even kids without adults with them. It’s in this environment that our church has been called to minister.

The main activity our church does is a meal, usually it’s a meal. We cook out at the park and everyone brings sides to go with the main dish provided by the pastor. We fellowship together, and with anyone who happens to be at the park, with the sole intent of forming relationships. We put prayer into that before and after so that the Lord can use those relationships for His glory, in His timing, but we just go to develop the relationship. We usually get around to telling them who we are, and sometimes that leads into immediate ministry, but not always – and it doesn’t have to, and it’s not intended to. It’s about community and relationship. The Holy Spirit knows what He’s doing.

This is our heart, and it’s my heart. Oh, my heart, y’all, for the kids in this small town! The poverty, neglect, even abuse… it’s rampant everywhere, I’m sure, but spending time in our local park this way has revealed it to us – to ME – in a way that’s hard to express. It’s overwhelming. But, together with my faith community, I’m doing what I can.

Y’all, these kids’ tracts are SO cute. The kids all wanted one! They sat around at picnic tables, reading them, eating the candy, and remaking the pumpkins – over and over. And asking questions to one another, and to the adults nearby who gave them out. Real questions. Real hearts. Real hunger to fill that God-shaped hole. In our tiny town in conservative, Bible-belt, rural Texas. These kids aren’t exposed. Praise God for an easy and effective way to expose them to the good news of Christ!

Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract

SavThe tracts come in packages of 20. We’re a small church in a small town, so one package was enough for us. These are very inexpensive, at about $1.25 each for smaller quantities and less than that if your church can use more. They were super easy to assemble. I spent less than $5 on candy to fill these 20 boxes; they are small but they held about 4 pieces of small, hard candy which is a great amount I think because it’s enough that the kids feel like it’s a treat but not so much that most parents would freak out over the amount of sugar. My kids had a great time helping me assemble them, and my church group was excited about them and happy to utilize them.

You can’t go wrong with passing these out at the park, or at your Trunk-or-Treat or carnival, or even from your home on Halloween night. The message is easy to understand, simple yet foundational and complete, and guides them through the entire process from introducing God and your need for Him to the prayer that allows Him to begin a relationship to help you learn to turn from wrong. Really, I was quite impressed with the actual message inside these tracts.

This doesn’t have to be about whether or not you celebrate the traditional October festivities. That’s not what we are doing with it. But they are an excellent tool, and I’d encourage anyone with a connection or opportunity with children to utilize this fantastic resource. You can connect with Let the Little Children Come on Facebook and don’t forget to check out the other Crew reviews!

Is There Anything Better Than Candy? {Let The Little Children Come Reviews}
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