Another Update

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Hello friends!

I have a few things to let you know! First of all, a praise report – my husband has been offered a promotion, and it comes with a $1 an hour raise. That averages out to exactly what we need to cover bills and obligations with him working locally. Isn’t God good? He’s amazing and He provides for all our needs!

That position will be available at the end of February, and they are preparing him with training now. In the meantime, I’ll be talking to the local internet providers and I’m sure that at the latest we will have internet on with the first paycheck he receives with that raise on it! I’m hoping to get it on sooner than that, but it will depend on what is required for deposits and such, so please pray with me that the Lord will go before us and work that out to His perfect timing and will.

The kids are doing wonderfully, and my planning method has continued to work wonders for us this year. Our homeschool group locally got together last week to plan some things and I’m thrilled with what the Lord has in store for our homeschool year as well as our spiritual year! He is a good, good Father indeed!

Keep this in mind as an opportunity as we are able to get the internet back on: I had wanted to do a group on Goodreads for a book a month club. I thought a group to include all those free Beth Moore books some of us got a couple of years ago might be good, and a group for accountability to whatever book goals we might have. I’d wanted to include a monthly linkup at the end of each month where you can link up book reviews or any other book-related posts from the month. So as our internet gets up and running, I’ll get that going again. I hope many of you will join me!


I apologize for missing last weekend’s linkup – it’s just crazy here trying to get internet access when we have to drive 15 miles to get it (and not having a car big enough to legally fit us all in at once). I’m scheduling this weekend’s tonight so please come link up with me! Thank you all for being faithful to check! You are a blessing.

Does anyone have any suggestions or requests, things you’d like to see on this blog as I am finally able to get the blog year up and running? God has His perfect timing, and I think part of what He had for me in this internet “fast” was to get my  house and family in order first, so I can see where the blog fits… and where I’ve spent too much time on it in the past. He’s so gentle with me. 🙂

Have a blessed week!