All Things Books Linkup

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Hi all! I’m starting a new books linkup for all things book-related! I plan to post the books I’ve read personally and possibly also our homeschool reads each  month. I hope you’ll do so as well, but feel free to link up any current book-related post. Reviews are welcome, but please limit yourself so that you only linkup a single post one time all year. Linky will start on the 25th of each  month and be open through the 1st of the following month, so join us whenever you’re ready!

All Things Books Linkup

Alright, y’all know me well enough and I’m honest enough to admit that I’m not always great about getting up the linky on time! So I’ll just tell you upfront – I’m scheduling them ALL, for the whole year, TONIGHT. They’ll go up and they’ll have a generic and short post on them unless I get around to editing it and adding my own list. I hope I do, and I might always go back and edit even if I don’t get it done before the linky itself goes live. Please come back and check if my list isn’t here! But they WILL go up this year. I promise!

The other thing I’d like to tell you is this – I created a GoodReads group so that we can stay accountable to one another with our goals! I’d love for you to join me! You’ll note that I created it last year and it’s been neglected. I tried to start this whole idea last year and with budget and craziness it just fell apart. That won’t be the case this year!

I also created a Facebook group just for this blog. We’ll be doing a group read together of some non-fiction Christian faith books each month, reading through the New Testament in a year and discussing those topics, sharing about homeschooling and life, fellowshipping together, and so much more! Please join me there and say hello! This group is open to anyone whether you’re a blogger or not. :) If you read here and are interested in the things I post about, there’ll be so much more of it posted there.

Please link up your book-related blog posts of any sort, reviews welcome. By linking up and providing your email, you’re giving me permission to email you a reminder for this specific linky each month. I won’t sign you up for anything else.
And um – I’ll edit this post maybe with  my reading list for the year, or possibly make a whole new post and then add it to the linky. 😉



    • dalynnrmc says

      No! I’m sorry – these will come out on the 25th of EVERY month so each month if you have new reviews please link up the new ones! I don’t care how many you link up each month as long as you haven’t linked them up with us before. :) Sorry it was confusing!