About Me

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Hi! Thanks for visiting me!


I had tons of information in my google intro, but I realized that it was distracting and so I shortened it. It bothers me though, because my life is so full and I just need everyone to know how awesome the Lord works in our lives constantly! So, here’s my life story. K?


I’m 32 years old. Bill and I have been married for over 11 years, having married just weeks before 9-11. We have five kiddos, all but one of whom are boys! We’ve been homeschooling for over 6 years now and wouldn’t change it for the world.


Christian is 13, a Boy Scout, and is my right-hand helper guy! He’s the reason we started homeschooling; we knew public school wasn’t a great fit for him, and within a year of bringing him home made the discovery that he deals with high functioning autism. He’s a great kid; just thinks about things a little differently than the rest, and home is definitely the place for him. He’s so smart and excels in many areas.


Drew is 9, a Webelos Cub Scout, and is my strong-willed child. He’s a sweet kid though, so smart, and has recently been saved! He’s a warrior – he’ll tell you that’s what his name means – and I know he’ll make a huge difference for Christ some day.


Brandon is 8, a Bear Cub Scout, and is my sweet natured boy. He’s a lot like me, wears his heart on his sleeve, and has a loving heart and attitude for everyone he meets.


Caleb, one of my twins, is 2 years old and my cutie-patootie! He’s all about giving high-fives and fist-bumps, loves hugs, and like any of my boys loves to climb and run and get very dirty. It’s amazing how aware and loving he is toward his sister, and the two continue to amaze me daily with their relationship.


Lynndi, my daughter for whom I’ve waited my entire life, is also 2 years old and is my pretty princess. We try very hard to make her girly, but in most things we aren’t having to try very hard as she’s all about her dancing, twirling, dressy, flowerdy stuffs! She’s small but lovely, and enjoys being the center of attention.


I’ve been a Christian basically my whole life. I was raised in the church, baptized at 6 years old, made major decisions and realizations after I’d graduated high school, and continue to grow in the Lord all the time. Some of my spiritual gifts include teaching (my own kids, but also other moms are my heart), faith, and prophetic dreaming.     I’m a reader! I enjoy reading the classics I missed in school, and teaching Christian non-fiction books. I also read fantasty, mysteries and thrillers (not horror), some sci-fi, some series books, and I’m enjoying reading some YA including the Newbery award winners and historical fiction with the kids.


I’m a scrapbooker! Supposedly.


I’m learning some homesteading things, and enjoy homemaking as well. I’m learning to sew and hope to learn to crochet. I’m a decent cook but slowly getting back to basics there and doing more from scratch with less processed ingredients. I’m married to a baker – well, he’s not working as one now but has for over half his life, so it’s just part of who he is – so I don’t do much baking but I cook twice a day every day and am learning to enjoy it! I want to have a big garden, and do canning things, cooking only weekly or monthly eventually, and I’d love to have some of our own livestock including chickens and maybe a dairy cow or goats. Eventually!


I’m passionate about being a good steward with the financial resources God has granted us. I’ve been calling it “frugal,” and that means something different to me than it seems to mean to most people on the internet. I’m about not spending money if I don’t have to; I’m about making it myself, making something else work, or doing without. I’ve learned how to do with almost nothing to the point that I feel the pull of the Lord to do for others when I have the opportunity to do with “more.” It’s about learning to live sacrificially, and to help others along the paths we’ve walked.


The Lord moves us to things for a reason and will always move with us through them! This blog is about that journey. Thanks for joining me!