ABC’s of Preschool Skills: F (front) and G (green) printables

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I apologize for having missed last week and being late this week with the preschool printables! We are still moving into a new groove (with my having taken a part-time job), but the kinks are getting worked out pretty quickly. I hope you enjoy this week’s printables! Also, I have created an INDEX page for all of the posts, in case you have missed any. This week’s selections are F is for Front/Back and G is for Green. Linking up once again with the Blogging Through the Alphabet linky at Ben & Me.


F is for Front and Back

These pages were fun to make! I like doing the cut and paste ones. Do you like those better or the non-cut pages better? Just curious. These pages include:

  • Glue the flowers in FRONT of the fence.
  • Glue the kids in BACK of the fence.
  • Color the pictures in FRONT.
  • Color the pictures in BACK.
  • Glue some kids in the FRONT and some kids in the BACK of the school bus.

Sound fun? I hope so! Grab them here, and please send your friends back to my site to grab them for themselves!

Front & Back


G is for Green

I’m enjoying the color pages as well. This one doesn’t have the bonus 6th page that the “blue” set had. Please let me know if you miss that page and I will add it to the rest of the colors. I just don’t figure that most of our preschoolers are ready to write. Please let me know if I’m mistaken and I’ll be glad to include that page in the future!

This pack’s pages include:

  • Color the objects that are GREEN.
  • Circle the objects that are GREEN.
  • Connect the dots to write the word GREEN.
  • Turn the word GREEN by coloring, gluing, painting, or any other creative method.
  • Find the hidden picture by coloring the spaces with a GREEN dot.

Get them here and send your friends!