ABC’s of Preschool Skills: C is for Circles

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Hello preschool mommies! I hope you’ve had a blessed week! Are you ready for this week’s printable on circles? I’m enjoying creating these printables, and my twins are loving doing them! I’ll see about putting up some pictures with them doing the previous ones next week. Are you enjoying them? How are you using them? Edited to add: There is now an INDEX page for quick access to all of the printables in this series. Enjoy!

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There are all kinds of fun things to do with circles! We are putting together some quiet time and busy boxes with bottle cap lids, so I am also busy creating printables to go on those. Would you be interested in seeing my busy box activities, possibly with the printables I’m making for them?

This printable pack includes 5 pages, all aimed at helping your preschooler recognize circles. They include:

  • Trace the circles to complete the pictures.
  • Color the ones that are circles.
  • Use the circles to make a picture.
  • Select the pictures that are made using circles.
  • Find the hidden picture by coloring the sections with a circle in them.

Sound good? Here’s your free download!


I would like to know if you like these printables as-is or if you would prefer them with less color? Right now, I am using a fantastic online program to edit and create these, but I know that personally I can’t always spare the color ink for as often as my twins would like to do these pages. Is that also true of you? Would more black and white pages be preferable, or are you loving all the color? Tell me what would work best!

Also, please be aware that I have several great reviews coming up for the preschool age through The Schoolhouse Review Crew. I can’t wait to show you what all we’ve been doing! My twins are not yet 4 years old, but they are getting more interested in school every week. I can’t wait until the fall when we can really delve in to preK or maybe a K4 type of routine.

What are your summer preschool plans?

I’m thrilled to be joining up with Marcy at Ben & Me for her ABCblogging linkup!