A Books Linkup – March Edition

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I’ve fully intended on posting this books linkup monthly starting at the beginning of the year. In fact, I did a “must read” post at the end of November to try and kick it off… only, we lost all internet access and I haven’t been able to post it. My intention was to post in December either a recap of what I’d read for 2015, or a “to be read” list for 2016, and then post a monthly recap every month this year. Well… let’s just start now instead!

All Books Linkup March

First, please join me on Goodreads if you haven’t already. Keep an eye out toward the end of this post for an invitation to join a group to keep us reading together this year!

Next, a bit of an explanation. I do not recommend every book I’ve read. In fact, some of them I’m downright embarrassed about having read. I could go into a long explanation, or you can just take my list for what it’s worth and realize that THIS particular list includes some genres that are outside of my usual reading repertoire. It is what it is. If you have questions, or take issue, or are just curious about my reads for this first quarter – please, I encourage you to leave a comment below, or just email me. I’d be happy to chat about my mindset when I chose any of these. I’m… well, an open book,  y’all!

With that out of the way, here are my reads and a brief description or review, where appropriate (and remembered – HA!). Links are generally my affiliate links, so if you make a purchase after clicking through I will make a small commission. Thanks for supporting my reading habit, and helping with this website!

January Reads

  • Grace Space: A Direct Sales Tale – by Robin Merrill. I read this one for (but too late to complete) a review. Well… it’s probably good I was late with it because I just wasn’t impressed. I like Direct Sales, and I fully understand why some people don’t, but I was honestly offended at how awful the people in this book were. Not just that, but it attempted to weave a romance into a story where one was really not necessary (or even wanted). I can vouch that it’s a quick, light read – and truthfully, I know that several of you will probably like it. I just… didn’t.
  • Driven.
  • Irreparable Harm – by Melissa F. Miller. It was on my kindle device already, and it looked decent. It’s the first in a series, and there’s at least a decent chance that I’ll seek out the rest of these. Sasha is a lawyer and happens upon a terroristic plot to crash airplanes by remote control. It’s a riveting story, and easy to read. Kept me engaged but was light enough reading that I could use it as my unwind at the end of the day. Highly recommend this one, and you’ll likely see some sequels on my list later this year.
  • The Neighbor 1-3. Don’t bother with these. Ugh.

I was having a rough month and needed some relaxing fiction. I’ve been reminded of my priorities in this, and even about my fiction preferences. God is good.

February Reads

  • 1st to Die – by James Patterson
  • 2nd Chances – by James Patterson
  • 3rd Degree – by James Patterson
    • James Patterson was one of my favorite authors from several years ago, and having remembered that I like mysteries as a favorite genre, I wanted to pick these up from my dusty shelf. Women’s Murder Club is one of the genre staples… but it’s a little gorey for my current tastes. I love the suspense, but I don’t love all the stories. I have the 4th one in this series and I may or may not read it soon, but I probably won’t continue with this series after that. The stories are too gut-wrenching for me.
  • Biblical Foundations for the Cell-Based Church – by Joel Comiskey. I’d thumbed through this previously when we started our home group, but hubby assured me that if I read the first couple of chapters that I’d gotten the gist of it. That’s true, and the author does repeat himself too often for my reading sensibilities, but this is a fantastic wealth of information and I think that anyone in ministry – no matter how big or how small – should read this book! It’s about traditions, why we do what we do, and what the Bible has to say about it. Don’t miss this one!
  • Cancelled – by Elizabeth Ann West. This one is a ‘romance’ type story from a male “point of view,” it says. It’s a horrible story about a guy in love with one girl but she’s ignored him for too long and in his promiscuous wait, finds himself about to be a father. You’re really rooting for him to get with the girl AND do the right thing by the one-night-stand, but that’s not what happens. I don’t know that in this situation there’s any good end, and I was just frustrated reading this. Chalk it up to a lesson from the Lord on what I’m supposed to be putting into my mind. YUCK.
  • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – by Gordon Fee. Read it, then read it again and do all the study activities. And the “its” is correct – the Bible has worth, read it for all its worth. Get as much as you can out of it. New study techniques introduced here, and I may even write my kids a Bible study curriculum using this as a guide. I saved all the book recommendations for my TBR. If you’ve never been taught to study, you need this one!
  • Spiritual Foundations – by Dr. James Ross. I heard this man speak at an AGLOW conference a few years ago, and I knew this book was about discipleship. It goes over the basic tenets of faith, does away with some of our assumptions, and then discusses work with a new Christian. I’ll have to come back to this one and re-read it multiple times… once I get it back from all the people on my list who want to borrow it! I’ll be using it for study, looking for more from this author, and I recommend you read this if you’re in ministry or working to walk alongside others as a mentor.
  • The Grimm Curse – by Stephen Carpenter. The writing is childish, junior high, but I enjoyed the story. I literally read this book in… was it a full hour? It may have taken me an evening. But I enjoyed it and if his others in the trilogy are offered for cheap or free I will probably nab them up… just to have some light reading. Kinda weird, but I liked it.

I had a full February, for sure! Some of these books were started in January and just finally finished in February, and some didn’t take long to read front to back. I’ve had my happy fill of nonfiction for a little while though, and I’ve learned much about myself, my tastes, and about how to spend my down time. Loving all the reading time I’ve given to myself simply by keeping a schedule and getting things done. I’ll have to share about how my planner has given me back my time!

March Reads

  • Milestones to Maturity – by Jack Hayford. This is part of The Spirit-Filled Life Bible Discovery Series that I’m reading with my regular daily reading through the Bible in a year schedule. I’m enjoying the questions, the challenges, the background information, and insight that these guides are giving me. Expect to see more of these this year; I hope to read all in the actual Bible book series, and have already purchased several ones in addition the ones I have access to through my church’s (pastor’s) library.
  • The Apple and the Arrow – by Mary Buff. A kids classic, and I don’t think I included any of the other kids books I’ve read to my twins so far this year, but this one is a Newbery Award winner. My twins had a hard time listening, and the first two chapters are VERY long, but they did manage to stick it out and finish this book with me and they say they enjoyed it. They even recognized the name of William Tell when it was mentioned on a tv show this week, so I guess they did pick it up! A worthwhile read-aloud for sure.

It seems strange, after two full months of reading, to have such a sparse March. But really – look at that February list, and realize that I have several books in progress, and cut me some slack! I have a goal to read 52 books this year – a book a week on average – the same as I have many years. I’ve never before reached it, but so far this year I’m ahead by several books. I might even make it!

Would you like to read some of the same books as me this year? The Beth Moore books that several of us grabbed for free on Amazon a couple of years ago are on my list. I’d love to have some buddies to read along with. And, in case you didn’t notice, I really need some Christian fiction suggestions! Would you join me on my Goodreads group that I created specifically for this linkup? I hope to offer group-wide reads, individual goal accountability, suggestions, buddy reads, and more. Let’s have your ideas and get to know one another through our book tastes!

All Books Linkup March
And now for the linkup! Please feel free to link up ANY book related post, and to come back during the month to link up additional posts. I welcome book review posts, with or without giveaways. (Please let us know if there’s a giveaway in your link title!) I’d love to hear what’s on your “to be read” list for your personal reading, or for your homeschool. I’m fine with you promoting your own book, just once, as long as you link an actual blog post and not just a link to a retail vendor.

I just want to hear what you’re reading, what your kids are reading, what you’d recommend or not, and create community among us through our books. It helps motivate me to keep reading! I hope it does the same for you. Be blessed!


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